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8th February 2013

Every am dram group is different – cast, stage, musical ability – and sometimes the scripts that are out there just don’t fit with your requirements. Murdering The Text can help by writing a play just for you.

We take into account your available cast, your venue, your theme and any other factor to tailor a script that’s just right.

For more details on this service, visit our Custom Written Scripts page.

Working with you

5th August 2011

I’ve previously told you about our custom written scripts. This is a service whereby we can write a murder mystery event script or full length script to suit your group’s needs and resources. We can take into account your cast, your stage and your theme, among other considerations.

One thing we haven’t mentioned in the past, is that we can also work to flesh out your own storyline. Here are ways in which we can incorporate your ideas into a script:

  • If you have chosen a particular period (e.g. 1960s) or a historical event (e.g. coronation day) for your play to be themed around, we will do the necessary research to not only write a play for you but we will also be happy to share our research with you for your own needs.
  • You have an idea for a storyline but are not quite sure how to write it down. We’re happy to use your storyline as a basis for your play.
  • You’ve thought up a wonderful set of characters, maybe based around your available cast, but are not sure how they could be put to work. Send them over to us and we’ll write a play around them.
All of our custom written plays are created in discussion with you, the client. If your cast changes over the course of writing, we’ll change our character list. If your play is relocated, we’ll re-write to suit your new stage. After all, this is as much your play as it is ours.

Especially for you

14th August 2010

No, I’m not quoting the Kylie and Jason song. I’m talking about custom written scripts. When we started out on this journey, we wrote scripts for a particular cast of actors and a known stage and props. We had the luxury of taking into account the characteristics of our actors (age, accent, etc) and shaping the stage directions around our set.

We can now offer this personalised service to you. If you would like a murder mystery play to suit your cast, resources and even a theme or holiday, we can do that.

For more details, visit our website or drop us an email.