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A little taster

12th April 2017

A Brush, With Death logo

I’ve just finished working on the new 20 year anniversary script and I’ve finally come up with a title. Can you guess what it is yet? Well, of course you can after the rather large image above. The new play is called ‘A Brush, With Death’.

I’m delighted with how the storyline for this play has worked out. There’s a colourful cast, each with a different motive for murder.

This play will be available to buy once the first performance has taken place. I’ll have more news for you very soon.

Murdering The Text is 20 this year

21st March 2017

That’s right – twenty years old. To celebrate two decades of murder mystery fundraising success, I’m working on a new murder mystery play based in the Hotel Tarantella where our first play, The Tangled Web took place. This time round, we’re in the 1980s, not the 1950s, but three of the original cast will be back. Will they survive this time?

I’ll have more news soon on not only the play itself, but also who will be performing it in 2017.

Festive Reapings Production Shots

12th December 2014

Our Christmas murder mystery, Festive Reapings had its first outing at the end of November, courtesy of the Purley Players. This is what they had to say,

“Festive Reapings was an absolutely outstanding success – everything went right and our audiences were thrilled with it. The feedback I have had has been nothing but praise. The whole theme seemed to capture their imagination and they loved the humour.”

To see the rest of the production photographs, click on this link.