No murder mystery play to suit? No problem. We’ll write one for you.

Not enough men and you can’t fit a four-piece suite onto your stage? The difficulties in finding a play to fit can be never ending when every penny matters.

So, what are your options?

You can change the sex or age of the characters, possibly doubling up on parts.

You can attempt to fit four people onto a two-seater sofa.

You can give up and find another play.

Or, you can contact Murdering The Text.

We’ll take into account your cast, your stage and your theme, along with any other resources or factors you want to include.

Already got an idea for a murder mystery play? Here are some of the ways we can incorporate your ideas into a script:

  • If you’ve chosen a particular period (e.g. the 1960s) or a historical event for your play to be themed around, we’ll carry out the necessary research to not only write a play for you, but share our research with you too.
  • You have an idea for a storyline but you’re not quite sure how to write it down. We’re happy to use your storyline as a basis for your play.
  • You’ve thought up a wonderful set of characters, maybe based around your available cast, but you’ve no idea how they could be put to work. Send them over to us and we’ll write a play around them.

All of our custom written plays are created in ongoing discussion with you, the client.

If your cast changes over the course of writing, we’ll change our character list.

If your play is relocated, we’ll re-write to suit your new stage.

After all, this is as much your play as it is ours.

For details of the cost of this service, please visit our Prices and Delivery page.

Contact me today to discuss writing a custom made play for your group.