Preparing for Christmas yet? Try our festive murder mystery

I know. You’re sweltering in the summer heat and Christmas is the last thing on your mind. However, just in case you’re thinking of holding a fundraiser in the Christmas season, why not have a look at our santa-clad murder mystery, Festive Reapings?

Set in a failing Santa’s Grotto, this script features a drunken Father Christmas, a fairy on her way out and a whole host of grotto-mysteries just waiting to be solved.

Show Cast

  • Joseph Ewell, store manager
  • Noel Avery, elderly Santa and semi-retired actor
  • Mike Hope, elf and replacement Santa
  • Eve North, Mrs Christmas
  • Carol Dove, elderly fairy
  • Natalie Snow, elf
  • Gabby Bell, elf
  • Mary Dove, Carol’s niece and head of the fancy dress department
  • Visit the Festive Reapings play page to find out more.

    And just in case, you wanted to try your hand at a non murder mystery, why not have a look at Pantoland’s Got Talent?

    Peopled by a cast of pantomime characters, this talent show gone wrong could tie in wonderfully with your am dram group’s pantomime preparations.

    Show Cast

  • Dandini, presenter of Pantoland’s Got Talent
  • Abanazer, judge
  • Queen Grimhilde, judge
  • Widow Twanky, contestant
  • Wishee Washee, her son and contestant
  • Jack and Jill, contestants
  • Snow White, contestant
  • Stage Assistant
  • It’s never too soon to look ahead to Christmas. 170 days and counting.