Festive Reapings

Things aren’t going well in Santa’s grotto at Fairman’s department store. The fairy has been sacked. Mysterious items keep turning up in the camping department. Santa is drunk in the gents toilet. And to top it all, there are hardly any customers. What else could go wrong?

Set Furniture and Props

Santa’s throne
A sack of presents
Christmas decorations
Hip flask
Eve’s hold-all
Ladies’ deodorant
Mary’s fancy dress costumes
Mike’s mobile phone
Bandage sling
Carol’s wand (broken and unbroken)
Flashing Christmas lights
Slip of paper
Sweeping brush
Bottle of whisky in a box


3M, 5F.

Joseph Ewell, store manager
Noel Avery, elderly Santa
Mike Hope, elf and replacement Santa
Eve North, Mrs Christmas
Carol Dove, elderly fairy
Natalie Snow, elf
Gabby Bell, elf
Mary Dove, Carol’s niece and head of the fancy dress department

Script Extract

Find out what our characters have to say.

Photograph Gallery

Festive Reapings production photos

Festive Reapings

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