The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestickmaker

Set during the Second World War, a series of mystifying events at Fibbleys Bank leads to a double murder.

Set Furniture and Props

2 bank counters (or one longer one), chairs, office desk, small safe with key 
Coat stand, telephone and door key
Handbags and shopping bags 
Sparkly earring 
Apple, box of chocolates, bag of pastries 
2 bundles of letters, one tied with red ribbon 
Duster and head scarf
Briefcase, files and papers 
Bunch of flowers and walking stick
Man’s handkerchief 
Cup and saucer 


4M, 5F, 2 or 3 customers.

Horatio Swagger, new bank manager
Margaret Able, senior bank cashier
April Applecart, bank cashier
Joseph Applecart, baker, her father
Lily Peeker, Horatio’s cleaner
Cissie Pry, bank cleaner
Arthur Trotter, butcher
Herr Heffler
Frau Schmidt
Janice Pettell, Margaret’s daughter
2 or 3 customers

Script Extract

Find out what our characters
have to say.

The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestickmaker

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