The Crossed Swords

Set in the 1960s, the peace and quiet of a Yorkshire country tavern is destroyed by the murder of a most unlikeable and professionally nosey character.


Set Furniture and Props

Bar, bottles and glasses 
2 tables and accompanying chairs 
6 chairs/armchairs and 2 coffee tables
Small table with telephone 
Note pads, pens and pencils
Small handbag and 3 suitcases
Large painting 
Several keys and 2 swords
Dishcloth and duster 
Large gaudy engagement ring 
Book , rollers and hairnets


4M, 5F.

Bella Nightingale, proprietor of The Crossed Swords
Rodney Nightingale, her son and general skivvy
Duane Benton, newlywed
Rosie Benton, his new wife
Cybill Ackroyd, Rosie’s mother
Albert Moss, elderly handyman
PC Howard Pratt, local bobby
Jocelyn Thorn, journalist
Audrey Miller, her younger sister

Script Extract

Find out what our characters
have to say.

The Crossed Swords

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