The Tangled Web

Set in the 1950s, a collection of questionable characters gather in a country hotel, all of them known to our murder victim, Private Detective Dick Sly. They all have motives for murder for which is the guilty party? 

This is the first play we wrote for Murdering The Text and unlike the other plays, it begins with an introductory vignette of the characters (suspects).

Set Furniture and Props

5 tables and accompanying chairs 
Richard’s papers and newspaper cuttings
Folder filled with loose papers 
Glasses for drinks
Metal tray for glasses 
Doctor’s bag
Sketch pad and pencil(s) 
Bottle of whisky


4M, 5F, waiter or waitress.

Lady Delilah Remington-Fox, rich widow 
Frederick Protheroe, her brother and solicitor
Dr Ann Brown
Sebastian Lovejoy, artist
Jeremy Mannering, businessman
Patricia Smith, actress
Katy Jackson, her friend
Richard Sly, private detective
Betsy Bloom, his assistant

Script Extract

Find out what our characters
have to say.

The Tangled Web

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