The Waxworks of Horror

There’s something fishy going on at the waxworks museum. Takings are down, one of the exhibits has been tampered with and the security man’s gone missing. 

This is the first of two plays set at the Waxworks of Horror museum. All action takes place in the museum reception.

Also available in an all-female cast.


Set Furniture and Props

Counter and stool/chair 
Decapitated hand and head 
Halloween and scary decorations 
Cloth moneybag half full of coins 
Woman’s magazine 
Metal kettle 
Plates and cutlery 
A large pair of ladies knickers


3M, 2F, female customer.

Jack Brightman, museum manager
Mental Maud, headless ghost
Raving Sadie, madwoman
Bloody Melvin, vampire
Stalking Stephen, zombie
Female visitor (non speaking role – only screaming)

Script Extract

Find out what our characters
have to say.


The Waxworks of Horror


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