Pantoland’s Got Talent

Written for a family audience, this talent competition mystery play features a cast of pantomime characters. There’s a magic act, a singing sweetheart, two evil judges and an audience vote, but what happens when the winner’s prize mysteriously disappears? 

Set Furniture and Props

2 thrones
Glittery box and stool
Wand, large pretend camera and large envelope containing photo of baby
Five pound note
Applause board
Voting cards 
Trolley or table
Food, drink, crockery and glasses


4M, 4F, stage assistant who could be male or female.

Dandini, presenter of Pantoland’s Got Talent
Abanazer, judge
Queen Grimhilde, judge
Widow Twanky, contestant
Wishee Washee, her son and contestant
Jack and Jill, contestants
Snow White, contestant
Stage Assistant

Script Extract

Find out what our characters
have to say.

Photograph Gallery

Past production shots.

Pantoland’s Got Talent

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