Crowning Glory

Based in 1953 around the coronation celebrations, ‘Crowning Glory’ sees the local coronation carnival steering committee join with Lord and Lady Smythe-Jones to produce a day that nobody will forget.


Set Furniture and Props

Comfortable seating (armchair and sofa) for 4
4 dining chairs
Sheets of paper and pencil
Side table or other suitable surface
Large handbag
Glassware, crockery and cutlery
Large tray or trolley
Cakes, scones and buns
Lecturn or stand
School chairs or lightweight portable chairs
Key on a chain


6M, 6F, non speaking roles for crowds, stall-holders, etc.

Lord Alistair Smythe-Jones
Lady Evelyn Smythe-Jones, his wife
Charles Smythe-Jones, their son and only heir
George Poole, committee chairman
Patricia Poole, his wife
Doris Sutton, elderly committee member
Fred Bowles, local butcher and committee member
Hilda Bowles, Fred’s wife
William Pryor, local baker and committee member
Kathleen Pryor, William’s wife
Thomas Wren, local vicar and committee member
Joyce Wren, his wife and committee member
Incidental characters: morris dancers, stall holders, visitors.

Script Extract

Find out what our characters
have to say.

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Crowning Glory

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