What’s included in the Director’s Handbook?

When you purchase one of our murder mystery packs, you’ll receive a Director’s Handbook for your chosen play.

The Director’s Handbook contains everything that your director needs to orchestrate one of our events.

1. How to organise a murder mystery event

This section provides you with advice on seating, audience teams, food and drink, and the order of the event.

2. The Set

All the basics of your stage layout.

3. The Play

Details of when the play is based, where it takes place and the cast.

4. The Victim and the Murderer

The identities of the both the murder victim(s) and the guilty party, with details of when and how the murder took place.

5. Character Histories

Back stories for the cast, except for the victim, and their motive for murder.

6. Character Movements and Verdict

Details of what happened to each character in the lead up to and during the murder, and whether they are guilty or innocent.

7. Clue Material

Only available with certain plays, this is an extra handout for your audience.

8. Deduction Sheet

This is the form that each audience team completes with their deduction on the identity of the murderer.